VC 2 Muurkluis (12 L) - Sleutelslot

De VC is een inbraakwerende en geïsoleerde muurkluis.

Deze kluizen zijn ontworpen om documenten in en uit te nemen, ook voor andere waardevolle spullen. De ruimte is gemakkelijk en efficiënt in te delen naar persoonlijke wens

Gecertificeerd tegen inbraakpogingen door ECB-S in Duitsland en VdS, ook brandwerend volgens DIN 4102.

De VC muurkluis kan aangepast worden naar persoonlijke voorkeur, de laden en planken kunnen verplaatst worden, alsook de kleur van de muur en wandn.

Standaard model komt met een sleutelslot, maar een codeslot is ook beschikbaar.

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  • Grade I prevents burglary access for 30 minutes.

Meer informatie
ProductnaamVC 2 Muurkluis (12 L) - Sleutelslot
ModelVC 2 Wall Safe
KluistypeVC Muurkluis - Geïsoleerde kluis met inbraakcertificatie in Grade I. Ontworpen om documenten en andere waardevolle spullen op te bergen, terwijl ruimte efficiënt kan worden ingedeeld. Beschikbaar met sleutel- en codeslot.
KleurenAls afbeelding
Leveringstijd3-4 weken
Soort kluisMuurkluis
KluisopslagDocumenten, Medicijnen
Gewicht - (kg)35
InbraakclassificatieGRADE I
Testmethode tegen inbraakEN 1143-1
Testcentrum tegen inbraakVdS en ECB•S Duitsland
Testmethode tegen brandDIN 4102 Noncombustible Materiale
Type slotDubbelbaard Sleutelslot (90 mm)
Sleutels inbegrepen2
Planken (Standaard)1 Verplaatsbare plank
Capaciteit - Liter12
Hoogte - Extern (mm)370
Breedte - Extern (mm)490
Diepte - Extern (mm)210
Diepte incl. slot / handvat (mm) 0
Hoogte - Intern (mm) 270
Breedte - Intern (mm) 395
Diepte - Intern (mm) 120
Deuropening - Hoek90 Graden - interne scharnieren
Deurbouten3-zijdige bouten
DeurstructuurDubbelwandig staal

Wall safe VC 2 (12 L) - Key Lock - Grade I and Fire Insulated

VC series wall safes provide an outstanding protection from burglars and fire. Thought for saving documents and other valuable goods, it fits easily at home or in an office. A perfect option to keep safe what you really care about.

Burglary test & fire proof material insulation according DIN 4102

This strongbox is approved with the security rating 1 according to the EN (European Norm) 1143-1, and it has been certified in Germany by ECB-S and VdS. This ensures the protection of the safe against potential burglars. Moreover, its robustness allows the safe to resist attacks from mechanical and thermal instruments. What is more, it is insulated by a layer which is very resistant to fire and high temperatures.

Key Facts

The access door has been strengthened with a double wall, with 87 mm of thickness, which transforms the safe into a tough adversary for burglary attempts. What is more, it is reinforced with a multiple-bolt locking.

The hinges located internally allow a 90° door opening angle, and thanks to the flushed mounting of the lock, it can be easily hidden beneath paintings. That represents an additional security against thieves and other illicit intruders.

Lock Options

The VC series wall safes are implemented with the following lock configurations:

• A double-bit high security lock, with two 90 mm serial keys and a central lock. An additional key is available upon request in exchange of a fee.
• Electronic code lock EZ basic

Configuration Options

VC wall safes can offer different inner safe layouts, adapting to the client’s needs regarding additional shelves, space, etc.

The standard color of the whole safe is Light Grey (RAL 7035), but it grants a wider variety of options inside the RAL range.

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*Please note that the product pictures show the safe series but not necessarily the specific safe you’re looking at. You should always check the product characteristics for the exact dimensions, weight, number of shelves etc.

Customer Questions
Install a safe: How can I install a wall safe?

Before installing a wall safe, you need to determine the right location because you will need to make a hole in it. Consider next points:

  • The wall opening must be big enough to surround the safe on all sides with at least 10 mm of concrete.
  • Position the safe inside the hole with the sign 'Top' above, make sure the safe is not upside down. Moreover, the vault must be aligned and well wedged.
  • Prepare the right concrete mix and tamping for filling the wall opening, which includes 3 parts gravel (0-32 mm in size), 1 part cement and just enough water to get the right consistency.
  • Protect your safe from the concrete using a plastic foil.
    Prepare a formwork to mark your wall opening before pouring the concrete. Fill in the wall opening and spread well using a concrete rake.
  • After you have installed the safe, wait for 48 hours before removing the formwork. Then, you can open the safe for airing

install a wall safe

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icon Need more information about the right consistency of concrete? Read our Installation Manual for Wall Safes WEGA series.

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