CFC Underfloor Safe - gecamoufleerd - Sleutelslot

Ollé CFC Underfloor Safe is een vloerkluis die je perfect in elke ondergrond kan camoufleren.

De wanden bestaan uit 2,5 mm staal, met een top cover van 10 mm.

Rond en waterbestendig deksel mogelijk.

Gecertificeerd sleutelslot in Grade I door VdS en Klasse A volgens de EN 1300.

€ 890,00 € 735,54
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Meer informatie
Productnaam CFC Underfloor Safe - gecamoufleerd - Sleutelslot
Soort kluis Vloerkluis
Kluisopslag Medicijnen
Leveringstijd Bel voor leveringstijd
Kleuren Verblauw (RAL 5023)
Slot Sleutelslot
Type slot Olle Key Lock Basic
Sleutels inbegrepen 2
Gewicht - (kg) 25.0000
Capaciteit - Liter 19
Hoogte - Extern (mm) 435
Breedte - Extern (mm) 305
Diepte - Extern (mm) $285
Hoogte - Intern (mm) € 245,00
Breedte - Intern (mm) € 260,00
Diepte - Intern (mm) € 267,00
Verankering Vloer

Safe Camouflaged in the floor with key lock

CFC Series Underfloor Safe is an underfloor model designed to be perfectly camouflaged and to provide greater security and allow design protection.

It is ideal to store and protect jewellery, documents, cash, and other objects of high value in homes and businesses, taking advantage of the feature camouflage that it offers.

Main features

CFC Underfloor is a high-range safe made of steel walls, built with 2.5 mm thick. On the top it has a 10 mm thick cover, also made of steel.
The door is stainless and made of steel with a thickness of 40 mm and a diameter of 160 mm.

This model includes a safe steel reinforcement for the concrete used at the moment that the safe is installed on the floor, providing increased strength and safety.

Lock options

CFC Underfloor Safe has a crossbow closing available with:

• Key lock 7 lever-mortise and double bit. With the following approval:

- Klasse 1 for VdS

- Class A according to UNE EN 1300.

- AE level for a2p.

• Mechanical combination of three discs. With the following approval:

- Klasse 2 for VdS

- Class B according to UNE EN 1300.

Additional features

Ollé CFC Underfloor has the possibility to add a tight lid called "WATERPROOF SAFE " which prevents entry of water and other fluids inside the box, protecting documents and cash in the form of banknotes.

The safe is finished with epoxy-polyester paint polymerized at 180 ° C. Ollé CFC Underfloor color is blue distance (RAL 5023).

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