Brixia Uno 3 Kluis (66L) - Inbraakwerend Grade I - Codeslot

De Brixia Uno kluizen zijn getest en gecertificeerd in Grade 1.

Brixia kluizen passen perfect in elk interieur dankzij het elegante italiaanse design. Geschikt voor het opbergen van juwelen, horloges, geld en documenten.

De Brixia combineert een veilige opslagplaats met exclusief design.

Brixia Uno heeft dubbele wanden die de inhoud van de kluis beschermen tegen brand.

Elektronisch codeslot.

Designed in Italië en gecertificeerd in Duitsland.

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  • Grade I prevents burglary access for 30 minutes.
  • Fire insulation layer -not certified- that protects from initial phases of a fire.

Meer informatie
ProductnaamBrixia Uno 3 Kluis (66L) - Inbraakwerend Grade I - Codeslot
ModelBrixia Uno 3 - Code Lock
KluistypeBrixia Uno - Gecertificeerd in Grade I. Dankzij het elegante design past deze kluis perfect bij huiselijk interieur, ook op kantoor.
KleurenZwart (RAL 9004) / Wit (RAL 9016)
Leveringstijd2-3 weken
Soort kluisVrijstaand
KluisopslagDocumenten, Geld, Medicijnen
Gewicht - (kg)125
InbraakclassificatieGRADE I
Testmethode tegen inbraakEN 1143-1
Testcentrum tegen inbraakECB•S Duitsland
Cash RatingGRADE I
Type slotBrixia Elektrische sleutel
Battery & emergency openingAA, Emergency access with external battery
Planken (Standaard)1 Verplaatsbare plank
Capaciteit - Liter66
Capaciteit - Computers100 Laptops with charging
Hoogte - Extern (mm)630
Breedte - Extern (mm)490
Diepte - Extern (mm)430
Hoogte - Intern (mm) 548
Breedte - Intern (mm) 410
Diepte - Intern (mm) 294
Deuropening - Hoek180 Graden - interne scharnieren
Deurbouten4-zijdige bouten
ScharnierenRechterkant (standaard) - Linker scharnieren zonder toeslag
DeurstructuurDubbelwandig staal
VerankeringVloer, Muur
Inclusief bouten1

Elegant and secure safe

The Brixia Uno safe series are characterized by a very elegant design that looks great, especially placed in the living room or office. The Brixia Uno series are made of high quality materials with burglary certification from German ECB-S. A Brixa Uno safe is perfect for storing documents, cash, jewellery, medication or anything that must be stored under safe conditions in businesses and homes.

Burglary tested according to European Standards in Grade 1

Brixia Uno safes are burglary protected in Grade 1 according too European Standard EN 1143-1 by German ECB-S. Do you need a safe that has a different burglary test? See all our burglary tested safes.

Secure and reliable safe

Brixia Uno safes are made with heat-resistant materials in the walls and door. The door and cabinet are constructed with high resistance to mechanical and thermal methods of attack, including a special barrier to withstand hammer, drill and cutting attachments. The door is secured with heavy bolts for extra security.The safe comes with an elegant inbuilt user-code lock placed in the door. The handle responds to touch and disappears into the door when it is not in use. The Brixia Uno series can be bolted to the floor and wall. The Brixia Uno series can be delivered with different inserts for storing rings, watches and other valuables.

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Customer Questions
Safes: Should I use a battery or a power supply for the Brixia safe watch winder?

Both a battery and a power supply can be used for the Brixia watch winder. However, we would recommend you to use a battery due to the lack of wires and the long battery life.

Safes: Can I move and organize the drawers and the watch winder in the Brixia safe interior at my convenience?

Yes, you can easily remove Brixia modules and change the position of the accessories in the interior of the safe.

Brixia Safes : How much the door in safe must be open in order to remove the interior elements?

To remove the complete interior element, the door of the safe must be open at least 160° because of fixed bolts on the left side of the door/safe.

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